Viva Circus™

Secrets of the Lost Circus™

Secrets of the Lost Circus™ is an international acrobatic dance spectacular! Featuring artists from Canada, Europe and Asia in a stunning multi-media production.

Secrets of the Lost Circus is set in the post apocalyptic future, where a lost boy in his ruined city tries to find civilization through encounters with wandering tribes.  

One by one the tribes roam into the ruins of the city, each one in search of a new place to call home. Meet an array of interesting characters…  aerialists, acrobats, ballerinas, dancers, jugglers, mimes and spinners as they gather in the ruins.

Watch each tribe display their unique skill, gradually raising the level of boldness and excitement up to the final moment, where they converge to to make one explosive performance. Will they make it their home? Find out with Secrets of the Lost Circus…

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